Staying Relevant

Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. Do those words excite and energize you? Or do they confuse and scare you? A recent study by NAR suggests that your comfort level with these new media channels could have a huge impact on your work performance as a salesperson and an even larger impact on your ability to remain relevant … Continue reading Staying Relevant


Picture yourself standing in the middle of a crowded stadium. You’re in the heat of competition in front of 100,000 screaming fans, and at least half of them aren’t cheering for you. Some of that 50 percent even hate you. They don’t just hate you, they are letting you know why and precisely how much they despise … Continue reading Haters


I think most who know me know that I am in the real estate business. As a REALTOR, you are business owner. As a business owner, you always need to have your eye on the big picture. It’s up to you to be aware of potential opportunities and threats and to determine the direction that … Continue reading Details


One of my most recent “re-reads” is a great book by Jim Collins, “Good to Great.” Why some companies make the leap… and others do not. Chapter 1 is titled, “Good is the enemy of great.” The book discusses the fact that we don’t have great schools, principally because we have good schools. We don’t … Continue reading Visionary


Ever notice how much harder it is to get out of bed early on a work day? Likewise, do you notice how excited we are, no matter how early the alarm goes off, when we are going on vacation or in my case, headed to an early tee time? The other morning… on a work … Continue reading Excitement


Good communication skills are key to success in life, work and relationships. Without effective communication, a message can turn into error, misunderstanding, frustration, or even disaster by being misinterpreted or poorly delivered. Communication is the process by which we exchange information between individuals or groups of people. It is a process where we try as … Continue reading Communication

Stop Whining

Stop whining about your problems. Whining doesn’t fix the problem, rather… it prolongs the problem. As long as you continue to whine about what is wrong in your life there will be no room for anything good to come into your life. That is just the way life works. You cannot focus on the solution … Continue reading Stop Whining