There is a power of relationship that helps us get in touch with our soul in a way that we may not even know. In the process of forging and nurturing relationships, people often face obstacles because we sometimes question the value of certain relationships. Although it is true that some relationships just aren’t worth … Continue reading Relationships

St. Patrick’s Day

If you’re wondering why you’re wearing green right now, there’s more to it than protection from pinching fingers. It goes back to the Irish Rebellion, when Irish soldiers wore green as they fought off the British in their trademark red. Until then, the color associated with St. Patrick and Feast Day was actually blue. The song … Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day


Ever stand on the scale and hate the number you are staring at? Ever balance your check book and be utterly disappointed in what’s there… or not there? Ever failed in a relationship? Well, the hard truth is you are exactly where you are because of the decisions you have made in your life. Likewise, … Continue reading Belief


How many of us lose our patience because we haven’t got time to listen to what others have to say in our busy; hurried lives? I feel we have less time now than when I was growing up. We tend to focus on the wrong things. The world is moving quickly and in order to … Continue reading Patience


Think about your own personal experiences with individuals you have considered being great leaders. These relationships you enjoy with them have much to teach you about the difference that people can make in your life and in the lives of others. Take a moment to think of a time when you willingly followed the direction … Continue reading Credibility